Damien Fahrenfort

Nickname: Dooma
Birth Date: 10/09/86
Home Town: Cape Town, South Africa
Sponsors: Rusty, Future Fins
Home: Newport Beach, CA
Heroes: Micheal and Shaun Thomson, my Dad, and all my mates
Years Surfing: 12
Crew: Jordy and Kappa Attack make up The Tripod
Favorite Surf Spots: Super Tubes, all over West Oz, and maybe The Box
Lefts or Rights? Rights all day
Favorite Board: 6.2 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8ths shaped by Rusty with a rounded squash
Height: 6'2"+
Weight: 190 lbs
Stance: Regular
Favorite Vehicle: My room mates bicycle
Grinds: Panda Express, In N' Out Burger, and for some health food Alta restaurant
What Inspires You to Surf: Free clothes, money, and maybe some street cred hahaha. Nah just being able to hang with my friends all day and get paid to do something I love.
Favorite Surf Video: Stranger than Fiction
Hobbies: Tennis, soccer and finding better music than Jordy.
Worst Time You Got in Trouble: Egging cars the night before I was leaving for Oz when I was 15. My friends ratted me out when they got caught, so I got arrested and almost didn't get to go. The people made me wash their cars and do some lawn work the next day.
What's Banging Around in Your iPod? Lil' Wayne, Van Morrison. Everything except Megadeth and Country Western.
Ever Been Close to a Shark? Yeah I am from South Africa that makes me half shark.
What Would You Do with One Million Dollars? Take the boys to vegas, buy a house and a nuts truck, and just cruise... A million dollars is not that much anymore.
Your Goals as a Surfer: Be Remembered - Surfer mag cover and to make the WCT
Trick of the Future: Allyoop shove it. Kerrzy has been coming close.
Your Strongest Maneuver: Probably my duck dive, i get pretty deep on them these days
My Car: About to buy either a Tacoma or Magnum
If I Didn't Surf: I'd be like the guy from Good Will Hunting - a math genius. I am good at counting numbers, but would be even skinnier than I am now and really pail.
I Love Boogie Boarding Because: My style is better laying down then standing up.
Something I Suck at: Ten pin bowling - I am hopeless. Also, most things besides surfing and even I am not even that great at it.
Best Joke to Play on Someone: Put a roofie in their drink ha ha ha...Nah maybe just unscrew their fins before a surf that makes the lineup a bit less crowded for a while.
Words of Wisdom: Never play leap frog with a unicorn.
Lesson Learned the Hard Way: In mexico I took off with my board backwards on a one foot wave. The board landed with fins up and I ended up with slices in my butt and a broken magic board. Worst idea ever.
How Fun are Bios? About as much fun as getting dropped in on.
People that Annoy You: Old guys out at trestles and people that stand up paddle and think they're Laird Hamilton
Favorite Website: - It's Dane Reynold's ones. Everytime I watch a webisode, I wanna quit. Dooma's Rumours is pretty amazing to check it out.